Indian Government is Making Life More Safe for Women


India doesn’t have the reputation of being the safest place for women. In fact news headlines might give someone the idea that it’s the kind of place a women might not want to travel to all alone. Not pleased with this stance, the Indian government has come up with a solution to keep women safe around the country. It’s called a panic button. This handy device is set to make its big debut on January 26th in the Indian state, Uttar Pradesh.

The panic button works quite simply. It can be activated from an individual’s phone. Once the assigned key is pushed on the person phone a call will be place automatically to India’s emergency number, 112 and SMSes will be sent out to near by cops in the neighborhood where the assault is taking place. This isn’t all though. It will also notify the several of the victim’s family members and 25 volunteers.

Uttar Pradesh is the perfect place to start these trails as it holds the highest crime rate against women in the nation. If it has success their they will take this new device all over the country and maybe all over the world. Sadly, there is a chance it might not work. This has been tried before in India and the product then was full of glitches.

It was tested previously in Delhi and it certainly gave the police a run for their money as several dozens upon dozens of prank calls were made around the city. In the past panic buttons were put on ladies subway cars. In a single month there were over 1,000 false alarms. They tried a likewise panic button in 2015 and got 3,000 alerts within an hour. Of those 3,000 about 40 were honest. 40 genuine panics in one hours says a lot about India’s problem.