Laila Ali Sticks to Her Father’s Wisdom When Raising Her Kids


When you have the boxing legend Muhammad Ali as a father, your insightful experiences with him are worth sharing. So when it was her turn to raise her family, Laila Ali heeds the advice of her late father.

The four-time undefeated boxing champion that she is, Laila knows how to keep her focus on her ultimate goals and will never compromise the well-being of her children, Curtis Jr. and Sydney and husband former NFL player Curtis Conway.  Ali knows that the core values that her famous father taught her are golden and she couldn’t be more grateful for living her best life sticking to his wisdom.

“Compassion, integrity and self-love were really big in our household.  My dad lived that in his life. He was a perfect example for me — not only just teaching me on a regular basis with his words but actually his acts of kindness all the time. Being a global icon, everyone loved him and he had so much power, but he used that platform and power he had in a positive way and inspired so many people,” Ali said.

As a proud daughter of her humanitarian father, his legacy still lives on and as a hands-on mom to her kids, she’s sure that modeling such wisdom will empower herself and her kids in this world filled with a diversity of possibilities.

And if you think that the supermom will encourage her children to follow her, her husband and their grandfather’s footsteps in boxing (or football), you’ll be surprised to know that she’d rather keep them away from the sports that made them phenomenal.

“I’m going to, of course, support my kids in anything they want to do, but I don’t encourage either of them to box or play football. My husband played in the NFL, and it’s just a very brutal sport,” Ali explains. “I’m definitely not going to encourage them to be fighters, but I do know that you’ve got to support [your] kids. It’s their life. They’re going to live it — the same way I chose to box when my dad didn’t want me to but I did anyway.”