Survival Guide for Women in the Tech Industry


It’s a given that tech companies make headlines every now and then for gender-bias hiring practices and strings of sexual molestation.  That’s why women are struggling to find their voices in the tech world. While these female geniuses have so much to deliver in terms of skills and abilities, they can survive the male-dominated industry with these practical tips:


Look for the Best Tech Workplace for Women

Majority of the tech companies are controlled by men from the higher management to its workforce.  As such, find the ideal tech environment for women in where women have dominance and sexual harassments are not an issue.  During the hiring process, ask the company’s female employees on how they are treated and what’s the culture look like in their office.


Choose Your Allies Carefully

Once you’re in, pick your allies carefully.  Do not be overwhelmed with colleagues who always have praises for women as these people are often the abusers in the office.  Seek support from tenure female employees and guide the newbies. It’s important that you have a solid support system in the workplace especially when you needed them in tough times.


Speak Up For Yourself

Inevitably, gender insensitivity and racial discrimination are  rampant in the tech industry. If you opt to be silent when you’re supposed to defend yourself and others, you lose.  Your fear may stem from insecurities and worries of losing your job but standing up for yourself and others mean lifting each other during the lowest of lows.  Bring out that girl power!


Don’t Get Involved in Uncomfortable Activities

Team-building activities aim to promote camaraderie among employees, however, there are certain things that’d make women feel uncomfortable- a dress up party, hanging out on a bar and swimming, among many others.  If you don’t want to feel awkward and be required on wearing something that you don’t like, refuse to join the activities.


Prioritize Your Mental Health

When you reached the point that you’re just dragging yourself to the office because you’re afraid to quit, it’s a red signal that you cannot ignore.  Keep yourself sane and protect your future. After all, your mental health is far more important than working in a bad environment.