Women in Dallas Set to Stop R. Kelly Concert


One of the most popular R&B artist is also one of the most controversial. His name is R. Kelly. Despite the dozens of lawsuits filed against him by women accusing him of assault and misconduct, he is still touring and selling out shows. For some in the city of Dallas, this just isn’t something that they can turn a blind eye to.

Niecee X of the Black Women’s Defense League was quoted saying, It’s time to reflect on what is going on in the music industry and why is it that these things are OK”

Kelly first brushed shoulders with controversy back in 2002. It was that year that he was arrested for having lewd materials. Materials that were absolutely illegal. In recent years he accused of running a cult that has trapped multiple woman. One of them was Kitty Jones. She reported that she lived under his control for two year and was beaten and starved. It took many years to get over the shame of the situation.

Kitty Jones finds it disturbing that women still flock to R. Kelly concerts. He should be viewed upon as a Harvey Weinstein or a Bill Cosby. Some of his former fans have had enough of R. Kelly and are planning to protest his concert in Dallas. Hopefully they can get his show closed down. “We just need him to know that he is still not somebody that we accept and not willing to put up with some of the things he is doing to women and to our young girls.” Niecee X said in a statement.

Kelly has denied all the claims about him and Fair Park Music Hall where he is play has not commented on the issue. Will justice prevail or the will R. Kelly continue to go unpunished for his evil deeds.