Women in France Demand Justice Against Harassments


“Some women don’t have the strength to handle alone those aggressions that they faced. So they really need to be together, because together we are stronger,” Said Carol Garland, the independent french journalist who recently organized protest under the #MeToo banner. She has stated that this movement has to go far beyond social media and faced in the real world. The protest took place in 11 French cities.

Sunday saw hundreds gather at the republic plaza in Paris. The women stood in solidarity and chanted “aggressors are liars” and held signs and banners that said things like, “Respect woman” and “I will not remain silent.” During these protest, several women have come forward and commented on their place within society and how they feel about it.

Vivianne Rouis, a woman of 88-years-old commented saying, “At my age, it’s over, nothing’s going to happen to me. But my daughter, my granddaughter, it’s true that I think about them a lot. It has to stop. Because we’re not objects.”

A 21-year-old student named Tara Bomberg shared her frustrations concerning harassment. “Everywhere you go, you get words after you or you’re in some nightclub and someone tries to touch you, or even worse … It’s a big issue and every girl I know has been in this kind of situation,” It gets truly feel like you are living in a prison and aren’t free when you are outside of your home.

Sadly, Statistics in France have shown that over 80,000 women are victims of assault each year, yet only about 10% actually report the incident. These protest, at least in France, are making a difference. A bill has been proposed in France that will make the harassment of women on the streets punishable. One won’t exactly go to jail but will get a fine.