Alexa Is a Woman-Here’s Why


A woman is an embodiment of strength, wit, and compassion.  As such, the popular smart speaker Alexa is designed to feature a woman’s voice.

Miriam Daniel, Vice President of Alexa And Echo Devices at Amazon explained why they chose a female voice for Alexa.  “We actually tested a lot of voices and did a lot of research and many of the customers that were part of this test actually prefer the voice that we originally selected for Alexa. It’s also because they described the voice as helpful, resourceful, kind and compassionate,” said Daniel.

She also added that women at Alexa who possess such qualities inspire them to integrate a woman voice on the smart speaker.  Daniel explained that their team wanted a warm and inviting voice which can serve as a friend and family member to their clients.

Aside from empowering women via Alexa, Amazon is also calling out for more women to pursue careers in STEM.  The company aims to have more female staff in their team as they believe that “very talented and skilled women” can help them design innovative devices that can help a lot of people across the globe.

Such mission is significant to women who aspire to showcase their skills and to learn more in the world of technology.  With Alexa and other smart devices, women can share their talent and compassion in making this world a better place.