Charlie’s Angels TV Series – Then and Now


Charlie’s Angels TV Series - Then and Now

Charlie’s Angels is a crime drama TV series that ran from 1976 to 1981 on the ABC network. All five seasons of the show produced 110 episodes that saw audiences follow the adventures of three private women detectives working for an anonymous millionaire. The series’ original stars were Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith, and Farrah Fawcett-Majors. Though the show has been referred to as Jiggle TV due to the sex appeal of its female protagonists, the show enjoyed its top ten spot in the Nielsen ratings during its first two seasons. The series fell from the top 10 by the third season. During the fourth season, the ratings further declined and the show was cancelled by 1981. Changes in the casting may have contributed to the show’s ratings decline. Farrah Fawcett left the series after the first season, while Kate Jackson left after the third season.They were replaced by a slew of equally gorgeous actresses namely, Shelley Hack, Cheryl Ladd, and Tanya Roberts. However, not even they could save the show. The idea for the series came from Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts who suggested an escapist show about three beautiful women private investigators. Producer Aaron Spelling cast Kate Jackson initially for the Kelly Garrett role but Jackson preferred to portray the character of Sabrina Duncan. Farrah Fawcett was then cast as Jill Munroe. Jaclyn Smith was the only actor who had to audition for a part in the series. John Forsythe (who played the role or voice of Charlie) got the part when the original choice for the part – Gig Young – showed up too drunk to read his lines. Forsythe then received a late night phone call from producer Aaron Spelling asking him to read the part. Forsythe rode to the Fox lot in his pyjamas, read his lines, and went back home to bed when Spelling told him his voice work was “..perfect.” Do you want to learn more about the actors? Read on!