Gym photos that will keep you awake at night


Health is wealth. Your body is a temple. Send this to 10 people and you will receive luck in the next three days. These are few of the cliches we often hear from well-meaning people who really do not know what they’re doing in life, though they pretend to. A few of the people in the pictures below are probably pretending to know what they’re doing too. Prepared to have your brain challenged. Your mind might be a tad confused at these images but your body will probably involuntarily giggle. Try to enjoy these pictures. We promise you will.

It helps to have someone you care about serve as your spotter while you are trying to hit the gym. If you see any two people do this in the gym, just enjoy the view. You are also probably a perv. But if the dude in the picture is only able to lift those weights if someone is sitting on top of him and his junk, good for him. Whatever helps you sleep at night is good. The woman is doing everyone a favor by helping a fellow human being build muscles. Who cares if they look awkward. Apparently they don’t.