Where are these Happy Days Actors now?


Happy Days was a popular TV sitcom that ran from 1974 to 1984. All eleven seasons produced 255 thirty minute episodes that changed the American TV landscape. It was from the show that the term “jumped the shark” originated from – a reference to an episode in the sitcom where the character of Fonz literally jumped over a shark while wearing waterskis. The phrase has come to mean ludicrous events placed in a TV show or movie for the sake of novelty with the intent to mask declining quality. The show also made famous its slew of interesting characters played by talented actors. Where these actors are now and what they are doing is for you to find out, so read on!


1 Erin Moran – Then

Actress Erin Moran made the role of Joanie Cunningham popular. Prior to being on the show, Moran has been acting since she was five years old. Her first TV appearance was in a First Federal Bank TV commercial. She was only thirteen years old in 1974 when she was cast in Happy Days. She played the younger sister of Richie (played by Ron Howard). Moran stayed on as Joanie until 1982 when she was pulled out from the sitcom to star in another series – a spin-off titled Joanie Loves Chachi where she starred opposite then teen heartthrob Scott Baio. The spin-off series, unfortunately, was short-lived. Eventually, Moran returned to Happy Days and was seen in the show’s final season.