They Lost Hope of Ever Having Children But a Selfless Offer Changed Everything


Starting a family is a huge milestone in one’s life, but what if you are suddenly confronted with the reality that your family picture will never include children? The Barattinis faced exactly that ordeal, but instead of resigning to their fate, they persevered. Even after years of failure, they found hope even in one of the darkest moments of their life.

The Barattinis’ Dream Family

Kevin and Nicole were married in 2010. They settled down in Long Island, New York. They were ready and looking forward to starting a family of their own. But after a couple of years, they were still struggling to conceive. They consulted many specialists over the years but they all point to one source of the problem: Nicole’s health issues. There are different health issues that can prevent a woman from conceiving. Nicole was told that her specific health issue was the reason for her failure to conceive, but the Baratinis were still hopeful that there could be a way to minimize the risks.