The Things You Can Do to Beat Holiday Stress


When we think of holidays, we easily identify it with joyous gatherings, huge Christmas trees adorned with pretty decors and the traditional gift-giving with families, colleagues and friends.  Sometimes, we feel overwhelmed with the festive celebrations that we forgot to manage the stress brought by the holiday fever. Here are some tips to help you punctuate the yuletide season with a bang sans the tension:


Carve out time for yourself

The holiday season means a busy schedule for most of us.  Think of Christmas shopping, out of town vacations and many parties to attend.  While these activities are expected, it is important to set a downtime for yourself.  Do something that makes you happy and relax. Sneaking an hour or two in the coffee shop just savoring your alone time and your favorite espresso is indeed a destresser.

Have restrictions on gift giving

Remember, you are not required to give gifts to everyone so might as well plan your holiday shopping list very well.  The holiday season is meant to be celebrated with kindness, love, and happiness and not with financial stress. Be practical on the items that you plan to give to your family and friends.  They need not to be grand and expensive. How about customized love letters paired with cheerful Christmas socks for everyone? It’s the thought that counts anyway.


Stay away from conversation triggers

To avoid food fights and family divides, it is encouraged to not include politics and race on your conversation.  Christmas reunions are supposed to be warm and fun. Instead of talking about sensitive topics, embrace the holiday season with exciting games that will engage your loved ones to be interactive and positive.