Thousands of Muslim Indian Women have Gathered to Protest The Triple Talaq Bill


Tuesday, April 3rd saw thousands of Muslim women from Panvel, Raigad district and Panvel gather for a silent protest outside of the Panvel Tehsildar’s office. The demonstration by these women comes as a direct result of the triple talaq bill that was passed by the Lok Sabha.

The Panvel Ulama Committee’s president Mufti Abdullah Dolare has said this regarding the issue, “The Supreme Court has passed an order saying that triple talaq is unconstitutional. Then what was the need to criminalise it? If the man is arrested and put behind bars for three years, who will look after his family and provide them maintenance?”

Sumaiya who is a respected member of India Muslim community and who has a father who works on the All India Muslim Personal Law Board has stated the following. “We believe that the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, 2017, was passed in haste. It was processed without consulting religious scholars and intellectuals of the community. The Bill is against the Constitution, and is anti-women and anti-children. The matter is also anti-social as a civil contract is penalised by converting a civil matter into a criminal offence.”

President  Ram Nath Kovind has stated that women are captive of the political cause. This statement didn’t sit well with many women. In fact Mr. Noumani has said that she was hurt by his statement. She followed that up by saying, “Such remarks are direct insult and attack on our community. We condemn the approach of the present government made through remarks of the President. We demand that the statement be expunged and government stop hurting the sentiments of the minority community. We believe in our Sharia law and trust the words mentioned in it.”

A list of demands was given to the Panvel Tehsildar and copies will passed onto the country’s president and prime minister.