Tips to Help You Concentrate Amid the Chaos


Let’s admit it.  We live in a chaotic world and we embrace the daily grind of commotion brought by work, parenting and social media among many factors.  As much as we’d like to escape the feelings of stress and frustrations, we are overwhelmed with our ‘normal’ routine hence keeping our focus is a big issue.


Here are some strategies that can help us to concentrate amid the chatter:


Plan your day

One of the effective strategies to keep your focus is to manage your daily activities.  By planning your day, you are assisted by your to-do list from dropping off your kids at school to meeting your clients for business meetings.


Refrain from multitasking

Multitasking is a skill that requires time management and the ability to perform well on the many tasks that await you.  However, it prevents you from being focused and efficient on your activities. According to Dr. Tamsin Astor, a psychologist, “Concentrating on one task at a time makes us more efficient.”



Before hitting your day with many tasks, engage in a short exercise to calm your mind and body.  Deep breathing and meditation for at least 5 minutes will help your ability to focus. Did we mention that a brief sun exposure early morning is energizing and refreshing?

Connect with people offline

The digital world, particularly social media has consumed our time and attention that we forget to connect with our loved ones the conventional way.  A personal chit-chat with your best friend whom you haven’t seen for years makes a great, relaxing reunion.