The Women of ‘Just Shoot Me’ Then and Now


The Women of 'Just Shoot Me' Then and Now

Just Shoot Me was nominated for the Emmy Awards, Golden Globe, the Satellite Awards, the American Comedy Awards, and the Teen Choice Awards. It never won. But that didn’t stop the series from being a hit in its timeslot. Its constant schedule change similarly didn’t stop the show from being renewed thanks to its good ratings. Just Shoot Me ran for seven seasons, from 1997 to 2003. Its first season saw all six episodes of the show aired for the entire month of March. The second season saw all of its 13 episodes aired at 930pm in NBC. It was later moved to Thursdays and then had its time slot changed to Tuesday 9pm. Created by Steven Levitan, the same man who created the TV series Modern Family, Just Shoot Me is set within the editorial office of a New York-based fictional fashion magazine called Blush. Its publisher, Jack Gallo (played by George Segal), focuses on his magazine’s bottomline and so keeps the magazine’s tone perennially fluffy. But his hard-nosed daughter Maya (Laura San Giacomo) wants the magazine to focus on hard hitting women’s issues. The magazine’s fashion and beauty editor Nina (played by Wendie Malick) manages to make the magazine light and superficial, while the in-house photographer Eliot (Enrico Colantoni) simply can’t keep his hands to himself and off the models he shoots. Dennis (played by David Spade) is Jack’s sarcastic and power-hungry assistant. The show’s strength lies in its talented actors who manage to deliver the funny lines in a memorably hilarious way.