Alyssa Milano’s Message to Her Daughter Will Move You to Tears


In a heart-wrenching video, Alyssa Milano shared a powerful message to her 4-year-old daughter, Elizabeth.

The emotional clip was recorded by the actress on Jan. 18, 2018, three months after the Me Too movement campaign earned international attention. In the video, Milano explains why she tweeted “me too” and encourage women to speak up for themselves if they had ever experienced sexual harassment.

“When you get older and you watch this video, I wanted you to know that one night when I was lying in bed with you I looked down at you, and your sweet beautiful face,’’ Milano said. “If you do have to ever say ‘me too,’ I want you to know that you will be heard,” she added.

The mother of two assured her daughter that she will continue to fight and support women who were victims of sexual assault so she doesn’t have to experience the trauma and fear.

“I got really scared. I got scared for you. I sent out a tweet asking for women to stand in solidarity and a lot of people replied.  In a way, I wanted to make this video for you because in a way all of this is because of you. Because you gave mama the strength.”

Such emotional message of a mother to her daughter is a reminder that cruelty lives in this world but we have to support each other especially our loved ones who are naive in the chaos caused by others.  Just as any other protective parent, Milano did the right thing- to stand up for herself, her beloved daughter and the rest of the women who are victims of molestation.

MANHATTAN BEACH, CA – JULY 29: Actress Alyssa Milano attends the signing of “Hacktivist Vol. 2 #1” at The Comic Bug on July 29, 2015 in Manhattan Beach, California. (Photo by Allen Berezovsky/WireImage)