Natural Childbirth Is Actually Good for Moms and Their Babies


Check these amazing benefits of natural childbirth:

Freedom to move during labor

Natural childbirth allows a mom in labor to move their bodies without limitations during the process of giving birth. The freedom to move during labor results to increased comfort on women and they have a good control of their experience.  Moreover, women who chose to deliver their babies via natural birth are allowed to eat and drink when in labor hence easier and faster births.

Safer for baby

The use of epidural during labor can cause health complications to moms and their babies.  Sudden decrease in blood pressure of moms can lead to fetal distress and a recommendation of emergency C-section.  After an epidural, newborns appear to be less alert and have less organized movements up to one month following birth.

Avoid cesarean delivery

Moms who opted for a natural childbirth has a reduced risk of cesarean delivery for about 30%. This is possible with proper planning of natural childbirth with medical experts like trained professional midwives.

Natural childbirth empowers women

Natural childbirth presents challenges that stimulate strength and determination of women.  The process isn’t simple as future moms have to endure labor and they have to stand firm with their choices, especially for their babies.  

Better breastfeeding

Per La Leche League International, anesthesia can result in breastfeeding problems like delay in nursing caused by sleepy baby or groggy mommy and disorganized ability of the baby to suck, swallow, and breathe.  With natural childbirth, a newborn and his mom can establish a breastfeeding relationship minutes or after birth.