Secrets Every Mom Should Know When Returning to Work


The transition from maternity leave to  work can be difficult for moms considering that they have to leave their family at home especially their new bundle of joy. While you want to spend more time with your baby, you are also geared toward establishing a successful career. After all, they’re the main reason why you are eyeing for a brighter future.

These tips will help fuel your career and parenting skills and will make your back-to-work season a great one:

Organize your house and family

Prior to going back to work, make sure that your home life is in order (and for your sanity, too).  By systematic planning and organizing, delegate and schedule tasks among your partner and other kids.  From preparing the meals to taking care of the baby, make sure that everyone in the house knows their tasks and when to do them.

Moms want flexibility

Talk to your manager about the recent changes in your life and focus on what you can offer.  Be realistic and confident about the kind of job that suits you and your company. If you are exclusively nursing your little one, make necessary arrangements with your boss on short breaks to allow you to collect milk.  Don’t be afraid to speak out your terms especially on your strength.

Make the most of your social networks

The influence of social media can land you in your dream job so update your social profiles and search for endless opportunities offered on Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook.  Follow the companies that are hiring people like you and don’t forget to up your ante by creating a striking online portfolio.