Single Moms Want to Tell You These Things


Lucky are mothers who have partners in the so-called parenthood journey.  Not only do they have a solid support in the emotional, mental, physical and financial aspects of parenting, their family journey is less complicated than single moms.  

Arguably, the experience of motherhood isn’t always a bed of roses.  Each has a unique experience and faces a different set of challenges especially for single moms who brave the role of a parent all by themselves.  Facing a more complicated brand of parenting, single mommas want you to know these important things:


We need understanding and support instead of judgment and hate.

Truth be it- single moms are negatively defined by their marital status. They often face the judgement of the society as to how incapable they are of not getting married and that their children will be greatly affected of having a single parent. Being labeled as a single mom is not important, what matters most is that you’re doing a fantastic job as a parent to your beautiful children.


We aren’t trying to steal your husband.

We have bigger goals and roles than aiming to hit on your spouses.  The very fact that we are solely raising our kids, we don’t have the time to bother ourselves in finding a man.  Our date nights are mostly with our kids- either watching movies in our sala or eating pizza in our favorite Italian restaurant.  If we are able to find a better partner in the future then be it but let it someone who can make our lives better not worse. Please be reminded that our main focus is our children.


We became better persons when we braved single parenthood.

As we continue to embrace single motherhood, we realize that we have an unbelievable amount of strength. Despite limited sleep, pressures on work and economic hardships, we were able to survive storms on our own.  More so, we became selfless as we give and receive unconditional love to the persons that matter most to us-our beloved children.