Taylor Swift, Social Media Platforms and Millenials Are Making History in Politics


The political game has a bigger market- this time with the promising influence of Taylor Swift, social media and millennials.

Taylor Swift captured the voice of the  youth

With 112 million followers on Instagram, the 28-year-old Tennessean encouraged communities to make a stand and let their voices be heard in politics.  Taylor Swift made her heartfelt political views transparent on her Instagram account which directed her huge fan base under the age of 30 to register on Vote.org.  The result was overwhelming- 400,000 new registrations in three days.

Aside from Swift, Monique Coleman of High School Musical fame collaborated with Firework app to encourage the younger generation to be involved in politics.  In her short video titled “One bad day can equal four bad years,” Coleman said: “I am very passionate about using my platform to motivate and inspire youth. The “America To Me” Challenge allowed me to engage with users in a way I wouldn’t be able to on my own.”

Social media created integral partnerships

TurboVote partnered with Instagram and Snapchat to get an increase in the number of voter registration.  During the National Voting Registration Day, Snapchat launched a filter to remind Snapchat users and friends to vote while Instagram teamed up with Get to the Polls to assist voters to locate their polls on election day.

Millenials focused on personalized communication

Since Gen Z’ers and millennials are centered on personalized communication, mobile providers pave way to a more accessible and convenient mobile texting to engage voters to register and vote.