2018’s Most Powerful Female Engineers That You Should Know


Drum roll to these women whose engineering backgrounds fuel their exciting careers in tech communities:

Gwynne Shotwell

The president and COO of SpaceX was inducted into the Space & Satellite Hall of Fame earlier this year.  Her impressive leadership in SpaceX since 2008 resulted in the company’s enviable achievement to be the very first in sending a satellite into geostationary orbit.  

“I was inspired to become an engineer by a very smart, well-dressed mechanical engineer who I saw speak at a Society of Women Engineers event as a teenager,” Shotwell said.

Alicia Boler Davis

Alicia Boler Davis is the executive VP of Global Manufacturing of General Motors.  Prior to nabbing one of GM’s biggest roles, she started as a manufacturing engineer at the Midsize/Luxury Car Division in 1994 and from there Boiler Davis has been consistent in getting promotions.  She was the first black female engineer who was awarded the role of a plant manager and has held various vice president roles.

“I truly had to trust and rely on the team while I was learning, and I was transparent,” Boler-Davis said.

Melinda Gates

As co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Melinda Gates has been steadily influencing the world thanks to her power and wealth that she uses for multiple charity works.  This year, she is geared in persuading women to fill up tech positions as she invests her money into women-led venture funds.

Priya Balasubramaniam

Priya Balasubramaniam holds one of the highest positions in Apple- Vice President of Core Technologies Operations & iPhone Operations.  She supervises the massive manufacturing and major operations for the iPhone. When she was struggling to get a decent job in the past, hiring managers bluntly told her that being a female would not get her a managerial role.  Look at where Priya is now.

Patricia Goforth

As executive vice president of Booz Allen Hamilton, Patricia Goforth directs over 3,400 scientists and engineers who develop tech projects for their clients.  With her utmost dedication and significant skills, Goforth was a recipient of Booz Allen’s most prestigious customer service award. She also actively participates in the Society of Women Engineers by making internship platforms for women in STEM.