Brazilian Women Protesting After Abortion Ban


Throughout his run, Brazilian president, Michel Temer and his right-wing administration have been lashing out against reproductive rights. Recently things have been taken to a whole new level as an amendment has just been approved to completely outlaw abortion. Currently abortion isn’t a crime if having a baby would threaten the mother’s life or if the pregnancy is the result of an assault. This new amendment makes abortion illegal under every circumstance you can imagine.

This has of course caused an outrage amongst the women in Brazil. Many women’s group have already scheduled protest for next week. One of the groups, The Front Against the Criminalization of Women and for the Legalization of Abortion stated, “Eighteen men cannot decide the lives of women, and abortion in the case of a rape cannot become a crime.”

Brazilian Constitution and its 181st Amendment thinks differently. It states that life begins the moment that a child is conceived. That said, it doesn’t support abortion under any circumstances. The minute the process starts, that baby has its rights to life.

If a woman who is at risk of death due to pregnancy or is pregnant as the result of an assault seeks an abortion, she can face up to three years in jail. This just the beginning of Brazil’s shift into a more primitive society. Since the start of Michel Temer’s presidency things have been rolling back, especially for women. His first blow to women’s rights was when he appointed an all-male cabinet.

That was just the start of his tirade against women. One can’t forget when he stripped the ministerial status from the Secretariat of Policies for Women. With this madman running the country, we can only sit back and wonder what antics he’ll come up with next.