How Patricia Georgiou and Her Team in Google Combats Trolls and Terrorists on the Web


Probably, one of the unsung heroes of tech is Patricia Georgiou.  She and her little-known group of security experts at Google-parent company Alphabet are hard at work in fighting terrorists and trolls on the internet.  As the head of Partnerships and Business Development for an Alphabet unit called Jigsaw, she manages a variety of international security challenges that consist of digital attacks, censorship and online harassment.

When Patricia assumed the position, she was thrilled to have had a rare trip in Iraq to interview terrorists.  The experience taught her and her team the role of technology on the defectors. As such, she realized this is her dream job: to make sure that technology is maximized for good intentions.

“I spent one week in Kurdistan interviewing ISIS defectors: former ISIS fighters who went to the caliphate to become suicide bombers,” she said in an interview.

Georgiou is an international lawyer and business specialist who speaks French, Arabic, and Spanish.  She learned of Jigsaw after it was launched in 2010 under founder Jared Cohen, a counter-terrorism expert who worked under Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice. From initially combating the increasing numbers of terrorists who use the web to recruit people, Jigsaw has extended its effort to counter abusive usage of the web and it also protects the media from denial of service.

With a tough job at Jigsaw’s, we commend Patricia Georgiou and her team members for being fearless in protecting the public from further chaos and for putting their heart and soul in making this world, a better and safer place to live with.