Madonna at 60: How the Queen Proves That Women Are Superstars


The Queen of Pop known for her extraordinary creativity in the world of music, turns 60 on Thursday and there’s no better way to celebrate her birthday than reminiscing her most remarkable contributions in the world as a superwoman.

She’s the richest female artist in the U.S.

In 2017, Forbes appraised Madonna’s net worth at $580m, branding her as the richest female musician in America.  As she continues to mint millions under her belt thanks to her 300 million records that got sold worldwide and her investments in real estate and clothing line that continue to reap millions.

She’s had more singles in the top five than any other female musician

Who else can beat Madonna’s 46 singles that nabbed the top five in the UK charts? Only Elvis.  From her hit songs “Like A Virgin” to “Celebration” Madonna continues to wow her audience throughout the world with her rare talent.

Her Super Bowl performance was the most-watched in history

In February 2012, Madonna Louise Ciccone headlined the Super Bowl XLVI halftime show in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Apart from her stellar performance in the Super Bowl halftime show, she set a record-breaking presentation for having had the highest viewing audience.  Well, we cannot take that away because Madonna is a strong force to reckon force with.

She became a fitness icon for women

While her arm muscles drew criticisms from the media, her positive influence on women as a fitness icon is undeniable.  She remains to be a fitspiration to many women especially on not backing down amid the negative comments thrown at her body.

“She’s always been outspoken and has strong conviction for what she believes in, she’s a female under huge physical criticism daily, and she stands up and is defiant and proud of her body. Madonna has definitely been a role model for me characteristically and a positive physical influence,” London-based trainer Laura Hoggins said in an interview.