Meet the Woman Who Won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 55 Years


Meet Donna Strickland, the living recipient of this year’s Nobel prize in Physics.  Aside from her excellent contribution in Physics, the Canadian optical physicist recently made history as the woman who shared the prestigious award with two other scientists, Arthur Ashkin from U.S.A. and Gerard Mourou of France.


For the first time in over 50 years, a woman was a Nobel laureate, joining other outstanding women who won the prize in the past- Marie Curie and Maria Goeppert-Mayer.  Dr. Strickland’s big victory calls for a celebration considering that men have dominated every category of the Nobel Prize winners. She emphasized in an interview that she had “always been treated as an equal” and reassured that she never experienced gender-bias throughout her career.


Prior to winning the award, Strickland’s profile in Wikipedia was invisible as the online encyclopedia was reported to not being impressed enough on her achievements.  But if you check the site now, they have already dedicated a page to Strickland for her significance in the field of science.


No matter the rejections and doubts of the past, one thing cannot be erased: Donna Strickland is a genius and has significant contributions to mankind.  She deserves to be celebrated as a woman, as a scientist and as a professor.  With the Nobel prize as her latest accomplishment, she deserves to be recognized internationally.  More so, Strickland is a living proof that women can still rock the world even if it takes half a century to be recognized.