Here’s Why Meghan Markle Is Happy to Be off Social Media


On her recent Australian tour with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle spoke with OneWave, a surfing community group that strongly supports mental health, about social media.  


A few months prior to marrying Prince Harry, Meghan deleted all her online accounts and her lifestyle blog.  If you thought, it was a tough challenge for her to be invisible in the social media world, the Duchess of Sussex revealed how staying off social media brought her positivity and joy.


According to a Daily Mail report, Meghan explained that “[F]lattery and criticism run through the same filter” and that she feels “free” after deleting her social media accounts.


While social media is a popular online channel that allows easy access to communication and interaction across the globe, knowing your limits and taking responsibility on your posts will lessen your anxiety and urge to validate your feelings on certain issues.


We cannot deny the fact that social media is a big part of our daily life.  Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat among many others provided a virtual connection to our family and friends whom we haven’t seen for ages.  


Taking a few weeks off from our online platforms will boost our mental well-being according to studies.  The ‘vacation’ will reintroduce us to the real world where we can spend quality time with our family over dinner and just enjoy each other’s company sans the email notifications and group chats.


By taking full responsibility with our social media accounts, we are expected to focus on the meaningful and positive use of our social platforms.  To avoid cyberbullying, we should be cautious with our messages and maintain privacy and security to ensure that we stay mentally healthy and happy.